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 What our clients have to say......

“Elizabeth is a knowledgeable, reliable and efficient bookkeeper. I feel very reassured that my books are in good hands with her and that she provides me with accurate tax guidance. I recommend her tax services to any small business!”  
-Anne Litwin

Kevin Cole
"2.5 years ago, I had the privilege of being introduced to Elizabeth Johnson of EMJ Financial Services as my personal and small business income tax preparer and bookkeeper. From our very first meeting, I felt comfortable and confident that I had discovered the highest level of service available. Elizabeth is very friendly, her responses are timely, and she provides a level of personalized service that makes you feel as if you have entered more than just a business relationship. Thanks EMJ Financial Services; I look forward to many more years growing together!”
-Kevin Cole, owner of Cole Fabrication 
Leila Fonseca
"Elizabeth has helped me reach financial stability. She helped me set realistic goals and has kept me on track.   She has helped me to mature financially and save money for college and retirement. Thanks to EMJ Financial Services I can say I'm just about debt free and will be debt free by the end of this year. I'm so grateful to have encountered EMJ Financial Services. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her and her staff in the future."
-Leila Fonseca
"Like most taxpayers, we’ve never really understood what taxes we paid, where it went or if we were claiming the right exemptions. All we knew was that we did not want to owe anything. We have never had a tax professional explain to us in a manner that we could truly understand. It never occurred to us how much control we had on whether or not we would owe at tax time. Elizabeth Johnson of EMJ Services took the time to explain each detail through language we could understand. Elizabeth made us feel like none of our questions were silly questions and helped up to see how we could strategically make better choices for our financial future. This has allowed us to plan better and to see that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. We now embrace tax time with both knowledge and confidence that all tax payers should have."
-Mr. & Mrs. Ty Jackson
 “Before coming to EMJ Financial Services, my credit was sinking and I was losing track of when things I owed were due.  I was in school, juggling a full time job and raising 3 young children on my own.  I needed help budgeting and organizing my bills!  Luckily, I found the help that I desperately needed and now my credit score is high enough that I qualify for a great rate for a home mortgage, many of my debts are paid off, all of my reoccurring bills are paid and I have great peace of mind knowing my accounts are up to date. To top it off, I’m able to save not only my children’s college fund but for the needed family vacation I've always wanted to take.  I recommend EMJ Financial Services to family, friends, coworkers and anyone that may be in need of financial stability.  Thank you, and I appreciate you for all that you've done and continue to do in assisting me manage my obligations.”

-LaTarsha Johnson
"Liz, we would like to thank you for all the hard work you have done for us. You have put more money in our pockets than any other tax agent. We consider you not only a tax agent but a friend. We never spoke with other tax agents as much as we speak with you whether it is about our financials or just a friendly hello. Thanks again!"
-Stephen and Shannon Fabiano


"Hey, so we all have our problems. I certainly mistakenly let mine get way out of hand with years of unfiled taxes (more than I care to mention!) I was in way over my head. After struggling for help with a solution, a friend introduced me to Liz, from EMJ Financial Services. During our appointment in a relaxed, friendly environment, we discussed my situation. I was impressed with an understanding and professional attitude. A lot of missing documents and years of neglect did not leave me feeling very well about it, but in a surprisingly short time my taxes were not only done, but accurate and extremely organized. I was pleased but, more importantly the Department of Revenue was satisfied. I highly recommend EMJ Financial Services, knowing confidently that they can successfully meet your needs too. Quite impressive."

-Don in Quincy